Harmonious Dissonance

Recently God has been sending me little moments of pure joy, true reminders of His perfect love that He has intimately for me. The special instances when everything seems right, troubles are forgotten, the past is redeemed, the imperfect words spoken in tenderness to others over the years comes to fruition and you feel the tingling in your spine and elation in your spirit. Have you experienced those exhilarating moments in your walk with God?

A midst the disorder and struggle of people and progress is God’s precious backdrop of creative genius and hand delivered grace. Beauty found in the ashes of the fires we burn as God replenishes
our hearts and restores the soil. The iceberg recedes, but the salmon, with their divine intuition, find more stream to spawn.

Daily we exist in harmonious dissonance, battling for control, combatting the force bent on pulling us downstream. But, if you know Jesus, just like that salmon we too have a divine purpose. Our calling is upstream, narrow and defined. Against the grain, it takes a fierce force of a relentless pursuer nudging and prompting us to choose rightly and divinely. God is so “BIG” yet He sent my Savior to humble himself low and show this little, BIGTIME sinner which direction I should swim.

So in the past couple of weeks I have enjoyed the tender moments where I have encountered God himself and answers to prayers long spoken for friends deep in the grip of self-destruction and mayhem, who suddenly find truth. Or the confession of human rejection that opens the door for restoration in a heart long closed to Christ’s divinity. A joyful announcement of words from the past you had spoken that blessed their life repeatedly. The laughter, banter, and purest of pleasures that swells your heart during a simple moment shared with those you hold dear to your very soul. The breathtaking view from the top of a magnificent mountain, standing in the clouds with your feet in the snow taking in the air of personal accomplishment. The majestic flight of the bald eagle high in the tree tops exposing the splendor of it’s expansive wing span as he lands elegantly in its nest. The rare sighting of the Puffin birds swimming in the middle of the ocean. The impressive wave that flows after the ice avalanches into the ocean at the Sawyer Glacier in the Tracy Arm. Running into an old acquaintance who not only knows your name but truly “remembers” you!

An unmistakable God, a truly remarkable transformation in a world that operates in a downward flow. God brings harmony to our discord, He takes our disconnectedness and weaves His grace like honey into the secret spots. His love cements us to the cross and gives us the strength to swim against the current, to drink the living water and enjoy His presence in the journey upwards. He is the beacon of hope that calls us to the lighthouse on a hillside. And the joy inflates our souls as it operates like a buoy to keep us afloat in the undercurrents of life, resolving the undertow of the murky waters of the world.

Harmonious Dissonance. A world in catastrophe but a God who restores life to its fullest capacity. I am a salmon, with a born again purpose to swim upstream and plant God’s seed to those caught in the seaweed and deep waters of the rivers of life. And the God of redemption shares the moments when the seeds planted begin to grow and God’s grace overflows my soul.